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Truly Sustainable

What does true sustainability actually mean?

First, do no harm…

Our Mokaté® Kalahari Melon Seed Oil is truly sustainable, meaning its production has minimal impact on the environment. It is indigenous to our region, and as it evolved in the desert it needs very little water to survive, or even thrive! Furthermore, it grows well far away from forests and food crops, in areas where other traditional crops struggle to grow. It produces one crop per year with a broad harvest window, so production can scale quickly in line with the beauty industry’s demand.

A production process with minimal ecological impact

The sustainability of our Mokaté® Kalahari Melon oil is down to it’s native biology, as well as our circular and regenerative production process, which ensures minimal impact on the local ecology. Take a look at our production chart, below, to learn more about how we reuse and recycle all waste products from production, all on site.

Drought resistant, scalable biology

The Kalahari Melon is an annual plant, meaning it completes a life cycle within one growing season. The production of Kalahari Melon oil can therefore scale according to projected market demand. This is in direct contrast with oils from trees, which need to mature for many years before they can be harvested. As a result it is very difficult to scale production of authentic tree oils for global demand.

Sales of Tree Oils
(ie Argan, Marula, Baobab)
Sales of Kalahari
Melon Oil

Native to
the Kalahari

Resilience begets resilience

The Kalahari Melon is native to our region in South Africa. This wild watermelon has evolved to withstand the extreme environment, in sync with the local ecology. When drought comes, and other crops fail, the Kalahari Melon is the only plant still standing. From a naturally resilient plant, comes a unique, stable oil that high in essential fatty acids, to supercharge your personal care formulations. Find out more about the oil we produce.

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